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Victoria Eldercare - A local lead provider of home health care, respite, dementia care, and companionship.

Our Story:

Victoria Eldercare began from Personal and Professional experiences that impacted the partners to create a company that would assist seniors in every aspect.


Partner Dr. Bruce Veltri has worked in Health care for over 30 years.  He noticed, with dismay that his older senior clients were not getting proper support at home as they aged, and there was no help available to them in the area.

Partner Phil Poss saw the need for helping ageing seniors continue to thrive, live, and assist in their overall well being through his own experience of watching and helping his 98 year old grandma live in her own home. At 98 years old she had a fall and needed extra care, however, there was no support available and she ended up passing soon afterwards. 

Partners Phil and Bruce decided then to create and dedicate their company to helping individuals, seniors, and families retain independence through support in any way needed; physically, mentally, or socially. 

To us, it's personal. We understand the struggles of care giving at any stage and we work diligently to act as an advocate for both the client and the family. We assist in answering any question you might have, because we truly care

Our Mission. Our Values. 

Mission Statement:


“To help seniors to live happy, healthy lives in the comfort of their own homes by providing the highest quality and most compassionate in-home care."

The future vision for Victoria Eldercare is to continue to enhance the quality of life in our local senior community and become the top rated Private Home care company in our area.

Our values, punctuality and timeliness are what set our company apart from others. Our employees will always arrive on time to their scheduled shifts, and our clients have the flexibility and personalized suitability to design care that best fits their unique family and situation. 

Quality of Services:


We work extremely hard to make sure the quality of our care exceeds your expectations!

Regularity and Continuity. These attributes are very important and we will provide the same consistent PSW to work with each individual client. 

Reliability. You can rely on Victoria Eldercare to show up to its scheduled visits and to perform all necessary duties while working.

Responsiveness. We will always respond in a timely manner in regards to questions or concerns as a case manager is always available to speak with. 

Safety. Our employees take extreme care with the safety of our clients and will make sure to take their time to do the job properly.

Accountability. We accept responsibility for working with the tasks set out for our employees with each individual client.

Communication. We use different methods of communication to make sure the proper care is being delivered and family is kept in contact.

Teamwork. Our employees, case managers, and management work together as a whole to provide the highest level of care.

Professional Development. We are constantly educating our employees with new courses that are available.

Loyalty. We remain loyal to our client even after a specific care plan has been completed.

Resourcefulness. We continue to provide our clients with the knowledge of our local resources to its fullest extent.

Respect. We respect every individual and client. Each individual is treated with respect and most importantly, as an individual.

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