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Ageing Baby Boomers

Adventures in Eldercare August 2014

I have been writing Adventures in Eldercare for a few years now and have covered many important and interesting issues related to aging, home care and healthy living. I look forward to many more years answering your questions, interpreting important information and helping seniors age successfully.

In these three short years the home care landscape has already changed dramatically. Seniors are gaining a bigger and bigger voice on political issues and as a group; aging seniors are changing the very culture around us. Just as an example, the home care company that I started in 2009, Victoria Eldercare, has doubled in size each and every year. We now have dozens of caring and compassionate caregivers helping seniors to stay in their homes all over

Halidmand and Norfolk counties. In 2009 people did not even recognize the need for this type of service. In just 5 short years, not only is there a steady demand for a home care service, the demand is increasing rapidly.

This increasing demand is expected to continue until at least 2030! The reason for this is the very large group of people referred to as the Baby Boomers, people born after the World War II up until about 1962. At the present time long term beds, retirement homes and senior home care is being directed at the parents of the Baby Boomers, these parents are now in their late eighties or early nineties. Now the Boomers have been starting to turn 65 and as they age they will need these services. The problem of course is that the Boomers form such a big group that when they require retirement homes or long-term care beds there will not be enough space for them. This is where home care becomes vitally important. If there are no facilities available then the aging boomer has to be able to adapt his home, get assistance where needed and plan on staying in their home as long as they possible can. Victoria Eldercare is here to help that process.

If you are a younger boomer start to look at these issues now. Become informed. Look at the design of your home and how an aging you might maneuver around. Is the laundry on the main floor? Are there multiple steps to the washroom or bath? Could a walker or a wheelchair move around the house? How big is the yard and how much work is required? There are a thousand other questions to ask of course. This is where a professional can help and our case managers are always available to answer your questions and concerns.

Aging is inevitable, being informed about healthy and safe aging is a choice. Make that choice and get informed! Knowledge is power!

Have a great rest of the summer. My wonderful wife, Susan and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary with a holiday to Europe. The romantic cities of Northern Italy is on our agenda with some touring of castles and hiking to monasteries. I will be back in September with new articles on healthy aging and look forward as always to your questions and comments.

Dr. Bruce Veltri operates Victoria Eldercare, a non-medical home care agency matching exceptional care-givers with elderly seniors, to help them maintain independence and remain safely in their own home. Victoria Eldercare is conveniently located in the new Roulston’s Wellness Centre on Donly Drive in Simcoe. Call 519-429-2644 or visit our web-site, for more information about our services.

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